3 Tips to Boost Your Aim Consistency & Focus in Minecraft


Identifying your target is a crucial step to boosting your aim consistency and focus. Whether it's a zone on a map or the next enemy on the map, the goal is to focus your attention on this stimulus and identify your strategy to hit it. Access the Strobe Sport Strobe Training here.

Identifying a target's movement

Identifying a target's movement while training is essential to boost your focus and consistency of aim. The target can be a specific zone in the map, an enemy, or something else altogether. Once you've identified the target's movement, you need to fix your focus on that target and develop a strategy to hit it.

To learn how to focus using good training equipment, gamers should learn to switch between two basic types of focus: broad and narrow. Broad focus is useful when you're scanning the map and evaluating enemy health, while narrow focus is better for intense one on one encounters.

Identifying a target's height

In FPS games, height plays a large role, and is an immense advantage over your opponent. If you can get an early height advantage, it is essential that you use it to your advantage. The more height you have, the more likely you are to finish an engagement successfully. This is especially true when shooting up, because you have more places to shoot than you do when you're on the low ground.

Identifying a target's flight

Identifying a target's flight can improve your aim consistency and focus when training with good training equipment. Whether you are aiming for a zone on the map or the next enemy, identifying a target's flight will allow you to focus on the stimuli around that target and identify a strategy that will increase your chances of hitting it.