When To Replace Your Window Wipers

Windshield wipers are very important for safe driving, especially during rain or snow storms. Wipers are responsible for giving you a clear vision through snow, sleet, ice, hail, and even mud and dirt. If it doesn’t work properly then you can’t drive safely on the road. Check every 6 months and replace the wipers often.

There are a number of signs that will indicate that your wipers need to be replaced.  Sometimes, your wipers may leave streaks on the windshield and the continuous usage causes your wiper blades to deteriorate. They can become brittle, crack and even tear.

Bent frames

If you notice any bents on the windshield wiper then it won’t work properly. As a result, the wipers will fail to effectively clear your windshield. The frame can become bent for various reasons, for example, while clearing ice off your windshield in winter. Don’t wait for serious repairs, notice it earlier and reduce the costs of repairing.

Windshield Streaks or Film

During rainy seasons if your wipers cause streaks on your windshield it’s normal. But if this happens continuously even after you sprayed the fluid to clean it then this might be the sign for changing the wipers. Wipe the blades with a clean towel to clear this problem but if it’s too serious take action immediately.

Chattering Sounds

Are you disturbed by the awful noise of your wipers when they drag across the glass? Then change the wipers. This noise will occur when the wipers don’t clean the windshield properly. Don’t be careless if this problem occurs because it can cause vision problems while you’re on the road.

Bad Windshield Contact

The wipers may stop reaching certain parts of your windshield if it’s raining too hard. The blades may not come into contact with the corners or stop in the middle sometimes. Due to old rubber or bent frames, the wipers may work inefficiently.

Rubber Problems

Check the rubber of your wipers, sometimes it can be smooth, split, or even broken. If you notice any imperfections in the rubber then it’s time to fix the new wiper blades. If the blade looks round then it’s too old so replace it as soon as possible.

Season Changes

Before the winter season, fix the new wipers. The ice and snow build-up can cause huge damage to the regular wiper blades. Your windshield wipers play an important role in driving safely so maintain them properly.

Gap between wiper and windshield

During heavy rain or snow seasons, the wipers won’t come into contact with the windshield so replacement is needed. Gaps between wiper and windshield are because they’re pulled up from the windshield due to old rubber or a bent frame.

Note: Don’t wash your wipers using the washing liquid because it’s meant for cleaning dishes, etc. If you use such liquid the rubber blades of windscreen wipers may ruin and fail to work properly. Use an approved additive to the washer system.